Eine-Minute-Prinzip stärkt den Gehirnmuskel


I found a suggestion on youtube called the „1 minute principle”. The idea is you work on something you want to improve on every day. Every day you give yourself a little task. You have 24 hours a day. One hour has 60 minutes. The whole day consist of 1440 minutes. Of this time you use one minute to pursue your special goal. And you tick off your task every day.

Take something you want to improve at. What I like about this idea is you work on your goal every day. This is good. This applies to every aspect when you set goals. Like when you go the gym. Instead of doing your exercises once a week three or four hours you are doing exercises half an hour a day. You run, you do your weightlifting and so on. It works out much better if you work on your goal every day instead of put your total energy in at it one day a week you work on you want to achieve every day.

Why is this good? This helps you to keep on track to remind you about your goal. The main point that your goal that is implied with this little task of one minute every day. This goal is implanted in your head. So you want to work on your goal. Why not work on it every day?

What I also like is also that you restrict yourself to not to waste your time. It is so easy to waste time on things. You get from here to there. Then the whole morning is gone, because you were working on your task only kind of. People sometimes say they want to be in a flow or something. I do not believe in it. I do not believe being in a flow, because this is inefficient. You loose your sense of time. To keep your sense of time it is good to say you have a certain amount of time that you are using for your task. In this case after one minute. What I am suggesting for nearly every task, for every strategic task, that means for every task you work off. Your time is precious. Sometimes you loose your sense of time. You can do a lot in a given time. You should work on a task instead the whole day a month you work on your task every day, but with a time restriction. This helps you. I really recommend to do so. I urge you.

Having a goal means you have to do something for it. You investment is your task. And your return is your goal achievement. You have to invest every day. But invest wisely, clever, smart. Invest in a way you use your time efficiently. The investment must be of good quality. It is not good to build a house without a sound basis or a good basement.